The Wise Leader,  1 Day or 2-Day Retreat
Presenter: Mark Sundby, Ph.D., LP

What’s the current leadership buzz?  In the business world, we often bandy about phrases like “effective leadership,” “excellent leadership,” “servant leadership,” “adaptive leadership,” “transformational leadership,” etc.  When we share these phrases among the uninitiated, though, they often look perplexed.  These concepts fail to intuitively resonate with many people.  Ask an employee or board member, and they’ll state simply, “I want our leader to be wise.”  This workshop will draw upon multiple sources, including the social science literature, to examine the components of “wise leadership.”  Case studies, leadership dilemmas, and a brief inventory that assesses your wisdom quotient will help make the concept of “wise leadership” come alive for you. You will leave this workshop with a better sense of how to access wisdom in your day-to-day leadership.

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