“This has been the most useful/practical tool for leadership training I’ve ever experienced. The theory in each session was presented well, and it was always paired with practical application. I will be drawing on my learning for years to come.”

The SHAPE of Leadership is a development experience for clergy who are called to make a significant impact on the church. In this day of the changing church, innovation and excellence in leadership is critical – so is support for the journey. The program offers opportunity for clergy to remove themselves from their contexts and spend time with others in an ecumenical setting, honing leadership capacity while engaging in reflection and practice on real world situations in their context. With a strong emphasis on understanding and embracing one’s unique leadership style – leadership SHAPE, the program spends time asking the question “Who am I as leader?” while it provides experiential and student centered learning about adaptive leadership, leading change, power and influence, conflict, and other important leadership topics.

The program is offered in multiple formats:

  • Retreat style: 4 2-night retreats over the course of a year
  • Monthly style: 12 ½ day gatherings over the course of a year. All clergy are assigned to cohort groups of about 4 people. Cohorts will meet in between large group gatherings to build a support network and also deepen the learning.

The adaptive leadership framework is taught throughout the year as participants work their own adaptive challenges, and as other topics are explored:

  • Deepening sense of gifts through reflecting on assessments
  • Power and influence
  • Conflict
  • Change models and leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Spiritual practice as a leadership model
  • Practical management tools

In addition to the adaptive leadership framework and the specific topics mentioned above, opportunities to practice creativity, innovation, and extemporaneous leadership are regular parts of the program.

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