In a presenter, you want someone with experience, wisdom, and the ability to fully engage a group with liveliness and substance. Our presenters have an extensive background in public speaking and teaching. We have well-tested presentations, including half-day, full-day, and week-long events, that we can present at a moment’s notice. Through feedback and years of practice, we’ve honed these to the point of excellence. We can also provide custom events in which we’ll consult with you to meet the needs and interests of your organization.

A sampling of workshops and consults include:

Emotional Intelligence
flavored spa candle on a wooden background
The Wise Leader
Discovering Your Vocational Bliss
RELAX! Stress Management for Everyone
Leading Long / Leading Well
Old Wooden Church. Steeple of a historical wooden church in black and white.
SHAPE- Clergy Intensive
TCWB- Clergy Intensive