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In a presenter, you want someone with experience, wisdom, and the ability to fully engage a group with liveliness and substance. Our presenters have an extensive background in public speaking and teaching. We have well-tested presentations, including half-day, full-day, and week-long events, that we can present at a moment’s notice. Through feedback and years of practice, we’ve honed these to the point of excellence. We can also provide custom events in which we’ll consult with you to meet the needs and interests of your organization 

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LeaderWise Staff are available to lead or present for your retreat or workshop. 



Conflict and You

As a prelude to our 50th Anniversary Kick-Off Celebration, you're invited to experience a condensed workshop on the topic of conflict during an energizing pre-reception
education event. (We promise it will be fun, too!) Participants will take a conflict styles assessment (TKI) in advance. On December 10 from 5:00 to 6:00, we'll discuss conflict styles and why being adept at conflict is vital to effective leadership. A $300 value, we’re offering this special LeaderWise experience for just $30 per participant! Space is limited. 

To register, click here or call us: 651-636-5120.


 Why should boundaries training be boring? 

Our staff will bring you beyond the basics, "Don't do that!" and "Never do this!" Drawing upon case studies, self-quizzes, and discussion questions, we'll engage you and your colleagues to consider the ethical and legal dimensions of ministry. And, of course, we'll cover the mandatory basics along the way.

One recent participant exclaimed, "This was the best boundaries training I've been to in 36 years of ministry!"

A typical boundaries training session is five hours over the course of one day. We'll come your way and meet in a place and time convenient for you.

Emotional Intelligence & Leadership

Listed below you will find a couple of examples of Emotional Intelligence workshops.

Emotional Intelligence & Leadership, 1 Day Workshop
Presenter: Mark Sundby, M.Div., Ph.D., LP

How you manage your emotions and relate to others has major implications for your role as a leader! This workshop will equip you to examine your own leadership style through the lens of emotional intelligence on four key dimensions: authenticity, coaching, insights, and innovation. You will take the EQi 2.0 Leadership Inventory in advance, receive your results during the workshop, and learn how to apply them for ongoing personal and professional growth.

Effectiveness in Ministry: Honing the Edge of Emotional Intelligence, RetreatPresenter: Mark Sundby, M.Div., Ph.D., LP

What’s more predictive of effectiveness in the workplace than your academic training, administrative acumen, or native intelligence? Whatever the occupation, research consistently points to emotional intelligence – the ability to manage youre motions and to relate effectively to others. In ministry, given its highly interpersonal focus, it’s especially true. This workshop will give you a clear understanding of how emotional intelligence relates to ministry in specific ways. It will also offer you a chance to measure your emotional intelligence through a standardized psychological test, the EQi 2.0 Leadership Inventory, identify areas for development, and provide practical suggestions for improvement.

The Wise Leader

The Wise Leader,  1 Day or 2-Day Retreat Presenter: Mark Sundby, Ph.D., LP

What’s the current leadership buzz?  In the business world, we often bandy about phrases like “effective leadership,” “excellent leadership,” “servant leadership,” “adaptive leadership,” “transformational leadership,” etc.  When we share these phrases among the uninitiated, though, they often look perplexed.  These concepts fail to intuitively resonate with many people.  Ask an employee or board member, and they’ll state simply, “I want our leader to be wise.”  This workshop will draw upon multiple sources, including the social science literature, to examine the components of “wise leadership.”  Case studies, leadership dilemmas, and a brief inventory that assesses your wisdom quotient will help make the concept of “wise leadership” come alive for you. You will leave this workshop with a better sense of how to access wisdom in your day-to-day leadership.

Leading Long, Leading Well: Resiliency and Adaptive Leadership

Leading Long, Leading Well: Resiliency and Adaptive Leadership, 2 to 4 Day Workshop

Presenters: Mary Kay DuChene, MA, and Mark Sundby, Ph.D., LP

During this retreat, you will learn what it means to be an Adaptive Leader, and also the importance of resiliency as part of staying the course in a healthy way.  You will have the opportunity to discover what resiliency means for your own leadership, as you explore mind, body, and spirit practices that will enhance your leadership effectiveness. This workshop combines the best of the adaptive leadership research at Harvard Business School with the emotional intelligence research from several prominent universities. Come rest, rejuvenate, and be refreshed for your leadership today and tomorrow

Enneagram Consultation and Coaching with Mary Honstead, Ph.D., L.P.

As a psychologist, I’ve always been intrigued with the intersection of psychology and spirituality, so when I discovered the Enneagram, I was immediately taken with its depth and clarity. I have seen the transformative power of using this framework in my own life and have been awed by how it resonates with others. More than simply being a descriptive model, it offers a pathway for change and growth that includes a profound acceptance of our humanness even as we strive to achieve our full potential.

  • The Enneagram is both a psychological and spiritual typography that is dynamic and transformative.
  • The Enneagram comes from ancient origins so it predates our more recent psychological interpretations.
  • Yet it seems to incorporate some of the same insights about human development that those who have researched and practiced the art and science of psychology in the last century have discovered.
  • Nine points on a circle (ennea means nine in Greek) show nine ways of being in the world.
  • We each tend to inhabit one of the ways as the primary lens through which we look at the world or the central strategy we use to navigate our lives.
  • Sometimes our patterned way of being in the world is helpful to us and sometimes it hinders us from growth.
  • The Enneagram delves deep, helping us to see the motivations that drive us but also the defenses that block us from developing more fully into who we can become.

I would be honored to work with you using the Enneagram to help you through whatever is blocking or hindering you toward feeling more fully actualized in your work, your relationships, your individual spiritual/creative life. If you are new to the Enneagram, we can start with an initial consultation and decide what works best for you. If you have worked with the Enneagram for a while, we’ll use your knowledge to determine the best approach for you.

A typical initial package would include three one-hour sessions.

  • We meet to have some initial conversation about your current situation and your hopes for this process.
  • You take an inventory online that was developed by Jerome Wagner (a psychologist and professor at Loyola University in Chicago), and we meet to discuss the results.
  • We have a follow up session to further discuss how to use these insights to develop in directions that will enhance your life.
  • We can meet for more coaching sessions as desired.

Community of Practice

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