Staff Associate

Tom Allen


Staff Associate

Professionally and personally there are moments that call for a pause, reflection, or
discernment.  In these moments it may be advantageous to explore and take stock. Together,
we can take stock during these moments by using a portfolio of assessments as well as
integrating your own lived experience. With the end goal to be fully engaged on your quest.

Tom joined LeaderWise as a Staff Associate in 2018. Professionally, his background is in higher
education mental health. He recently completed an APA-accredited internship at the University
of Maine in Orono, ME. Having grown-up in rural Minnesota, Tom takes a keen interest in rural
issues including both the rewards and challenges of rural living.

His approach to counseling is integrative and emphasizes the interpersonal process. Combining
his interests in somatic awareness, mindfulness, and strengths-based perspective, he
encourages individuals to grow fully into their personal and professional selves.

Tom lives in St. Louis Park, Minnesota with his partner, their son, and chocolate
lab. He enjoys running as a hobby.

Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Counseling Psychology; BA, St. John’s University.

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