Leadership Development Programs


The Shape of Leadership

The Shape of Leadership is for ministers who want to make a significant impact on the future of the church through their own bold leadership. In this ecumenical program, Shape participants will gather for one year to develop their leadership—through experimenting with innovative practices; deepening self-awareness; developing a support system of colleagues; and learning to navigate power, change, conflict, and the daily challenges of leadership. Participants integrate their personal theological and Biblical commitments with leadership concepts and practices from a variety of disciplines, especially the adaptive leadership framework. Core to the program is deepening self-awareness and leading from that place. The program is highly experiential and
collaborative and offers the opportunity to develop long-lasting relationships among other exceptional leaders in the church.

Rather than beginning in May 2020, the Shape of Leadership will begin in the fall. Revised dates will be announced soon. Applications continue to be accepted at this time.  

SHAPE brochure LeaderWise 20-21 (pdf)



CrossForm is a unique approach to equipping congregations for 21st century ministry. Our focus is threefold: strengthening core, building flexibility, and deepening impact

With clarity of vision, identity and character, we can build a strong core. Intentionally developing relationships, strategies and partnerships allows us to deepen flexibility. A strong core along with increased flexibility become a foundation for impactful ministry as salt and light for the
transformation of our communities. Without a strong core, even vibrant
outreach is not sustainable. Likewise, a strong core with no flexibility
results in the spiritual journey being disconnected from the flourishing
of community. 

If there is one constant, aside from the grounding love of God, it is that all things change. The root for the word form in Greek is the same we use for metamorphosis; that is, the process of transformation from one form to a more mature form in two or more distinct stages. CrossForm equips pastors and congregational leaders to embrace transformation through an intentional process that honors both the inward and outward journey. 

CrossForm brochure 2020 (pdf)