If you wish to maximize the effectiveness of your ministry team, we can help. We have experience working with church staffs and ministry teams of all sizes to identify key strengths and potential pitfalls, and we can offer guidance for team development as a one-time training event or on an ongoing basis. In consultation with you, we will design a custom team-building process to best fit your staff needs.  

Here are several popular options.

Multi-Pastor Consultations. Each pastor meets with one of our psychologists for a two to three-hour assessment to review inventories that look at personality, leadership, and conflict management styles. We then meet with the pastors as a team to explore how they can most effectively work together. This program is ideal when a new pastoral team is being formed.

Group Assessment and Consultation. Your church staff or ministry team spends a half day, full day, or overnight retreat with us. Through a combination of inventories and highly interactive exercises, you’ll learn how your team most effectively functions. We’ll help you apply the insights you gain from the retreat to your day-to-day work as a team.

Ongoing Consultations. For ministry teams that desire in-depth work over a period of time, our staff provides ongoing consultation on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. This is an excellent option when a church or team has experienced significant challenges, such as periods of transition, conflict, or instability.

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