Wondering about next steps in your ministry? Our highly skilled staff has over forty-five years of experience guiding clergy through the process of vocational discernment. In fact, it’s the  primary reason our center was founded in 1969. Through the years we’ve perfected a two-day program that will assist you in weighing the advantages and disadvantages of staying in your current ministry setting, looking or moving to a new one, or, if it’s in the back of your mind, possibly leaving ministry altogether. Your visit is held in strict confidence. Unless you request otherwise, we report to no one.

We take seriously God’s call in your life. We also know that it can shift and change for people across their lifetime. LeaderWise employs sophisticated psychological inventories, which look at personality, career interests, and leadership competencies, along with in-depth conversation to help you identify next steps.

In your two-day program, which is a total of nine hours, you’ll meet with two counselors to review your career trajectory, look over inventory results and consider their meaning for your current ministry and possible future work, identify the implications of current and past relationships in decision-making, and develop an action plan to keep you motivated and moving forward in your career development. It’s your choice whether to include your spouse in this process of consultation, assessment, and discernment.

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