Become the leader God intended. The church world is rapidly changing and the most effective ministers are learning ways to step up boldly. From our experience as consultants, we know that leadership can be learned, and that it’s essential to continue to develop your leadership skills to meet the changing demands of ministry. By working with our team, you’ll be able to claim your leadership strengths, identify areas of growth, and establish a clear plan for ongoing development.

We have over forty-five years of experience in coaching and consulting with church leaders. Our team of consultants draws upon proven methods for leadership development, including state-of-the-art assessments, insights from research, and the wisdom that comes from working with over 750 people in ministry each year.

Clergy Groups

Join a group of clergy who are committed to being outstanding leaders. We offer intensive week-long workshops for health and well-being, Total Clergy Well-Being, and year-long seminars in adaptive leadership, SHAPE.

Intensive Assessment and Consultation Programs

See us for one-on-one development. We offer both one-day and two-day assessment programs. Using the results of personality and leadership inventories, you will receive a penetrating, unbiased snapshot of your current leadership skills, potential pitfalls, and a detailed path for future growth. Our center established this program in 1970 and clergy regularly seek us out for it and recommend their colleagues to participate. It’s unique, beneficial, and, for many people in ministry, life-changing.


Meet with a coach. Draw upon the wisdom of our highly experienced team for regular coaching in person, by phone, or online.

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