If you are a candidate for ministry, or a denominational body that works with candidates,  we will provide a top-of-the-line, high quality psychological assessment. Our staff is ecumenical and our services fulfill the requirements of all major denominations.

If you are a pastor in discernment about next steps, you will find time and space for reflection, as well as insights from our experienced counselors. Through personality and vocational testing, you will receive data that will assist you in your decision making.

If you are a denominational or seminary executive, use our services to work with individuals in trouble as well as to develop high potential leaders. You will receive an in-depth report that details an individual’s current level of functioning, both strengths and vulnerabilities, and recommendations for ongoing development.

Areas of Service:

Candidate Assessment
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Clergy Fitness Evaluation
Leadership Development
Vocational Discernment
Team Building

Resources on Loneliness

LeaderWise staff have found that clergy often struggle with a sense of loneliness, disconnection, and isolation due to the unique demands of their work. Loneliness is a neglected issue that has negative physical and mental health implications, and research shows that a lack of social support is linked to higher rates of clergy burnout. Below are a list of resources related to this occupational hazard including brief articles, blogs, websites, and books that present warning signs, loneliness types, the impact of loneliness, and recommendations for increasing your meaningful connections with others.

Seek out a therapist in your local community or via LeaderWise Counseling https://leaderwisecounseling.org/

Reflection: Clergy – Good People, Bad Friends!; LeaderWise Blog

Overcoming Loneliness in Ministry; Alban Duke Divinity School; 

 Lonely Pastors; The Christian Century; 

 Isolation and Loneliness: The Danger Zone for Pastors; PIR Ministries; 

  Everyone’s Pastor: No One’s Friend; Christianity Today; 

 Seven Types of Loneliness and Why it Matters; Psychology Today; 

How Loneliness Can Make You Sick; American Psychological Association;

 Mind: For Better Mental Health

Health Direct; Loneliness, Isolation and Mental Health

 Social Isolation: It Could Kill You; American Psychological Association;