#MeToo Synod Gathering

An Opportunity for Empowerment and Restoration in the Era of #MeToo.

In late winter (Feb 11-13 and March 4-6) LeaderWise is facilitating a gathering of female clergy and CREs in a time of Empowerment and Restoration surrounding the discussion of sexual harassment and/or abuse in the church. This will be an intentional blend of both a structured workshop as well as an opportunity for discussion around encountering experiences of sexual harassment.

How do we remain resilient? How do we find our voice? 

Space in these workshops are limited to ensure a safe an open environment in which all participants feel heard and that their needs are met. Reflection of one’s own narrative, as well as engaging in significant discussion of other concerns: 

  • Is this a moment or a movement?  
  • How do we stay resilient and hopeful? 
  • What words can I use when I find myself in the midst of harassment?

All of these questions and more will be part of the process. 

Registration and more information at: Synod of Lincoln Trails

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