Mary Honstead, PhD

Mary likes to build on individuals' strengths and help them develop in directions that give their lives meaning. She appreciates approaches that encompass mind, body, and spirit. Combining her psychological expertise with her client's spiritual understanding helps to create meaningful change. Mary also likes to think systemically and help clients to understand the dynamics of relationships and organizations.

Mary has her doctorate from the University of Minnesota and has been practicing in the field for nearly 30 years. Before her current role, she worked as director of out-patient mental health for a community mental health center, and prior to that, she worked with students at a college counseling center. Mary enjoys working with the Enneagram (a spiritual and psychological typography), which often provides transformative insight regarding how to grow beyond our particular defenses. She is trained and am certified with Jerome Wagner from University of Loyola.

Mary is an avid reader of fiction, memoir and poetry, and enjoys having time for her own creative writing. She is also a fan of jazz and classical music, and loves attending the theater and browsing art museums. These interests reflect her undergraduate majors in English and Art. Mary also loves hiking and traveling, with special fondness for the Colorado Rockies and the Great Lakes. Her husband is a retired United Methodist minister, so when working with clergy, she brings an "up close and personal" sense of the complexity of that role.

Ph.D. Counseling Psychology, University of Minnesota

Areas of Counseling Expertise:

  • Coping with transition
  • Grief and loss
  • Stress and burnout
  • Depression including situational depression as well as general low mood
  • Anxiety including performance anxiety, social anxiety, panic attacks
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Differentiating from difficult family dynamics
  • Understanding defenses and moving toward wholeness through use of the Enneagram framework