You want resources and feedback to improve as a leader. The very act of leadership, though, sets you apart and creates a distance between you and your supervisees, and you are unlikely to receive the honest feedback you desire. By participating in one of our LeaderWise programs, you’ll receive objective data, direct feedback, and guidance from our staff. You will have a wealth of information to make a difference in your organization and to create a developmental plan to advance your career.

Wise Leader Two-Day Intensive. This is one of our most popular and effective programs, and our center has offered it over forty-five years. By taking two days at our center, you’ll gain greater perspective about your personality, leadership, and conflict management styles. You’ll take a number of state-of-the-art inventories ahead of time, and receive an in-depth interpretation about your results and their implications for your workplace effectiveness. Through nine hours of one-on-one consultation with two different LeaderWise staff members, you’ll be able to ascertain where you’re at as a leader and where you want to go, and identify tangible steps for getting there. How effective is this program? We have a number of people return every seven to ten years throughout their career for “a tune up.”

Wise Leader One-Day Snapshot. This program will provide you with information and data from a number of inventories, which you’ll take in advance. You’ll receive a snapshot of where you’re at as a leader and clear steps on how to improve. It also offers the opportunity for hours of consultation, either all at once in this session or across several.

Individualized Coaching. This is a popular option both for those who live in the area and at a distance. You’ll meet once every couple of weeks with one of our staff members for real-time coaching, discussing and strategizing together as situations unfold. If you’re in the area, we’ll meet in person; if you’re at a distance, we have the capacity to meet via video or telephone.

Multi-Rater Feedback, EQ 360. If you wish to bring your professional development to the next level, consider this program. The EQ 360 measures your emotional intelligence on fifteen dimensions, compares you to a norm group of workers across North America, and provides written feedback from ten to fifteen colleagues. It also offers detailed guidelines for development. This multi-rater feedback inventory can stand alone or be used in any of our other leadership development programs.

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