10 Reasons to Hire a Pastoral Coach

A pastor has always, and especially today, filled a variety of duties as the church leader. A fine balance is needed to fill all the required roles and to feel confident doing so. This is where a Pastoral Coach is a crucial asset. It is vitally important that leaders have someone to walk alongside in their ministry journey. Below are 10 reasons why a coach is a helpful member of your team.

  1. Outside perspective

Ministry is one of the few careers that involves your entire being – it’s your spiritual, professional, and social world. An objective third party can help you find your place in these different worlds.

  1. Work-life balance

A coach helps you stay accountable to a healthy work-life balance. Church leaders often work long hours, putting others before their family and themselves. Someone who is outside your church but still aware of your day-to-day routine helps you set healthy boundaries by reminding you to say ‘no’ from time to time and help avoid burnout.

  1. Navigating tough situations

Working in ministry requires you to have difficult conversations on occasion. It’s helpful to have an ally that can lead you in the right direction in having those difficult conversations in an effective and thoughtful way.

  1. Guidance that is tailored to your stage of growth

Every pastor is different. Growth is exciting, but it also comes with challenges. A coach can give you guidance in both the difficult and exciting stages.

  1. Goal setting

Setting goals is key to constantly improving your ministry. A coach can help you align your goals with your mission and vision and know whether they align with the direction your church is headed.

  1. Dealing with “people problems”

Ministry is a relational occupation, which means eventually you will face people problems. A coach can help you think through those people problems and how to face them head on.

  1. Learning from others’ experience

Leadership can be lonely. An experienced coach can help give you context for what the stage in your ministry should look like at the time helping you to stay on track.

  1. Encouragement and support

You need to have someone who can celebrate your wins in good seasons and sit and encourage you during tough seasons. In that, they will continually point you toward Jesus and the main reason you’re doing what you do.

  1. Facing challenges

Challenges never cease to present themselves and don’t always get easier with time. As a leader, you will face challenges, both good and bad, so having someone to walk with you through those challenges is important.

  1. Opportunity to learn

Learning never stops. Learning makes us better and makes what could be the boring day-to-day exciting.

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Abridged from “11 Reasons Every Church Leader Needs A Coach” Posted by Kendal Drinkwine 6/28/17

From the Vanderbloemen Search Group blog.  Thank you to Gary Eller, a LeaderWise coach, for calling our attention to this list.

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